Around the world, people are showing every child, woman, and man caught up in the conflict that we are with them, that we are #WithSyria. We will tell our leaders: don’t let the people of Syria lose another year to bloodshed and suffering. To see those people who have joined our call, click here.

There is always hope:

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Banksy’s iconic “Girl with the Red Balloon” is a picture of hope. The red balloon carries the girl above and away from the chaos below, beyond the burnt-out buildings and bullet-potted walls.

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Join her and inspire hope in others by replicating the image and uploading it to Instagram or Twitter using the #WithSyria hashtag.

The #WithSyria campaign will launch in thirty five countries as we approach the anniversary of the Syria conflict on the 15th of March. This will be an unprecedented popular movement, not taking any sides, but standing in solidarity with those caught in the conflict. A collective appeal will be launched by global organisations and key individuals calling on political leaders to sign up to a pledge to do everything they can to make this the last anniversary marked by bloodshed.

A series of actions will highlight the call built around the global release of “With Syria” balloons by children from around the world, the lighting up of iconic buildings, messages of solidarity from high profile individuals, and a campaign video taking inspiration from Banksy’s image of hope.